Brute Force SEO EVO II Review

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Watch this video as I review Peter Drew’s Brute Force SEO EVO II

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Here’s some videos of Peter Drew’s that show you EVOII working…

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Now that you’ve watched all the videos, here’s my thoughts in writing.

My review of Brute Force SEO EVO II is simple. I use it and happily pay for the privledge of using it every month.

I use it on my niche websites, I use it on my software websites, I use it on my offline business websites, and I use it on my clients websites.

Now I even charge clients for SEO on a monthly which makes up a nice side income for my business.

I never wanted to do SEO for my local business clients before I started using EVOII because it’s just so much work doing the link building (off page work). But now I’m using EVOII and the power of automation it’s so much easier.

I wouldn’t use it much less recommend it, if it didn’t do what it says on the box. It’s an automated link building tool. Period.

This means that it’s not the be-all and end-all of marketing your website, but it sure cuts down on a MASSIVE amount of drudge work that I used to do by hand. Even outsourced.

Dan Raine (from ThirtyDayChallenge / ImmediateEdge) got me onto this software and I thank him for that. Now I’m passing on my findings to you.

Click here to take the free trial and I’m sure that one day soon you’ll be thanking me in a blog post like this one.

Talk soon


3 Comments On “Brute Force SEO EVO II Review”

#1 alex on on May 26, 2010 at 8:50 am

Hi Aaron,

In case you know, does evo ii support russian language and therefore russian article directories etc? Or it is only targeted on the english speaking world?


#2 mike on on September 7, 2010 at 8:57 am

I would urge anyone to be very very careful before considering Brute Force. I don’t like to use the word scam, but I for one have lost a great deal of money which I am still trying to recover – with no success.

Two weeks ago I became an affiliate of Peter Drew’s EVO2 software. The intention was to get affiliate commission from my blogging articles on various SEO blogs I run. To become an affiliate I had to sign up via an email form, giving my PayPal details.

One week or so later my PayPal was debited by 157 USD! I tried contacting the helpdesk for a refund, various times. Each time I was told that due to the terms and conditions they were unable to offer refunds under any conditions. This despite the fact that I signed up only as an affiliate. I had no intention of using the software myself, and never have done, as they can attest. One week later they are still refusing to return the money they took from my PayPal account. From Peter I have heard nothing.

I have no issue with Peter Drew, who is a valued member of the SEO community, or with the software, which may or may not work. However the outright refusal to refund a transaction that was clearly erroneous is inexcusable. Caveat emptor.

Please look elsewhere.

#3 Aaron Dwyer on on September 7, 2010 at 11:16 am

Hi Mike

Your issue with Brute Force EVO II has no bearing on whether the software works or not.

Ashame you are having trouble getting a refund. Peter’s not going to miss your $157, and I never had an issue getting a hold of someone from support or via the helpful forum staff.

Peter’s been around ahile and while I strongly feel that Brute Force EVO II is not for everyone, being grey to black hat in nature, there is a place for it.

It’s up to the individual to read the reviews and test it. Hence why Peter offers the trial period.


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